Church Leadership




Pastor Matt Johnson


I am so thankful for the godly heritage God has given me.   It was my mother who played a huge role in leading me to a saving knowledge of Christ.  It was my father who gave me a passion for local church ministry.  I believe that God called me into ministry during my high school years but I chose not to obey and follow His call.  When I started attending the First Baptist Church of Fowlerville in 1997, God began to soften my disobedient and hardened heart and I eventually surrendered to God’s plans for me.  I praise God for His patient working and leading in my life and I am humbled that He has placed me in this position of ministry at FBC Fowlerville.  

My wife, Jennifer and I have been married since December of 2000.  We have been blessed with six children who keep us very busy.  I enjoy gardening, playing sports with the boys, and cheering on the Spartans of Michigan State University.


Pastor Mark Jones


Tom Sartor


I grew up in a works based religion.  At nineteen life was very empty for me.  I thought there must be more to life than just going to work each day.  From my childhood I knew about sin and that Christ died and rose again.  My friend Dave explained the need for me to make a decision to trust Christ totally for the forgiveness of my sin.  In the fall of 1972  I made that decision of faith to believe on Him.  Later I read the verses that explained by grace you are saved through faith it is not of yourself but the gift of God so that no man can boast before God. 

I attended Central Michigan University and a country Baptist church.  I grew in my understanding of the Bible and walking in faith.  I taught in a trade school in Detroit for seven years.   God led me to get a one year Christian worker certificate from Bible school.  I joined a mission agency and went overseas.  I met my wife Edie.  We served together overseas for twenty years.  We have retired from overseas work and are now serving in First Baptist Church here in Fowlerville.  I also work part time at an auto parts store.


Deacons of Buildings and Grounds

Dan Carr
Jerry Redfield

Deacons of Member Care

LeAnn Carr
Lynda Skinner

Deacons of Finance

Caleb Williams
Randy Rusceak