Faith Promise Missionaries

The Senn Family
Naomi, Lionel, Ellanie, Malachi, Jayla
Naomi grew up at FBC, the daughter of Pastor Lloyd and LeeAnn Williams.  Naomi carries on with the ministry her and her late husband Diego started at Moody Aviation.  She now serves as the Student Life Assistant in Spokane, WA.  She works with a team of two other women to oversee a ministry called RISE.  This is the official Women’s and Family Ministry group at Moody Aviation.  She has put together a marriage seminar for students and staff and planned a first annual women’s retreat.  Aside from RISE she helps with the women’s small group chapel once a week and oversees all the editing for the Ministry Partnership Development program.  She also helps students to learn how to write prayer letters and build a support team.  If you would like to support Naomi Senn or get her current newsletter you can do so at
The Hartman Family
David & Anna, Tiras, Daea, Zechiriah, Ezekiel, Loretta
David grew up among the Yanomami of Brazil, where his parents were missionaries.  His childhood dreams ranged from bush pilot to church planter with a vision of equipping the Yanomami church as fellow disciples of Jesus Christ.  Anna grew up at FBC where her dad was the pastor.  She grew up knowing that there were many people groups that did not have access to the gospel and was aspired to teach at a missionary school. In the spring of 2017 the Hartman’s will be heading back to the Yanomami of Brazil.  Some of the ministry goals will be to model the Christian life, train church leaders, train trusted men who will go and plant churches in surrounding villages, complete New Testament translations, and to train qualified Yanomami to translate the Old Testament and other resources.  David is putting the finishing touches on the house in the village and they are anxiously waiting for the ok to move in. If you would like to support David and Anna Hartman you can do so at Ethnos360/hartmans/donate.
Chad & Esther Huber
Chad has played a big part in the ministry here at FBC.  He taught at our Christian school for close to ten years, has helped teach our Sunday Morning Bible Studies, and has been a blessing and encouragement to many of us here.  Chad and Esther are both on staff at Ethnos360 Bible Institute in Waukesha, WI  In addition to serving as the school registrar and data base manager, he is teaching three classes: Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Soteriology.  Next semester he will be teaching Prophets and the following semester he will add Hermeneutics.  If you would like to support Chad & Esther you can do so at Ethnos360/hubers/donate.
Matthew, Jennifer, Micah, Elijah, Noah, Josiah, Charlotte
Matthew has played a big part in the ministry here at FBC.  He served as pastor for many years. At one time Matthew and Jennifer were missionaries in Spain. The desire to be in the mission field was deep in their veins and they now serve at Live Global in Harrisburg, PA.  Matt serves on the executive team for Live Global. He serves alongside national pastors, church planters, and ministry leaders, helping facilitate the work God has called them to, which better equips them for service.  In North America he builds bridges of partnership that connect churches, ministries, and individuals with other churches and ministries across the globe. Local churches here are invigorated as they help meet important needs for the global advancement of the Gospel, while the churches overseas is strengthened and equipped. If you would like to support Matthew and Jennifer you can do so at Liveglobal/Matt&Jennifer/donate.

Other Missionaries

ABWE (Mark & Becky Sterken)
Baptist Mid-Mission (David & Nancy Cropsey)
Radius International (Brad & Beth Buser/Brooks & Nina Buser)
Christ for the Philippines (Neil & Joy Vilches)
Faith Baptist Church (Arnulfo & Olaya Nieto)
First Baptist Church of Milford (Warren & Joanne Klenk/Ron Winter)
Ethnos 360 (Brandon & Rachel Buser)