On a beautiful day in May 1869, a monumental decision was made on the part of twenty earnest men and women to establish a Baptist Congregation.  They met in a little old red schoolhouse and adopted the Articles of Faith and the Church Covenant as it was published in the Baptist Church Members Handbook.  The organization, called The First Baptist Church and Society, elected trustees in June and became legalized before Ralph Fowler, the founder of the village, who was then Justice of the Peace, and on July 12th, it was recorded by the clerk in Livingston County.
Courtesy of Michael Grimm
The congregation must now have a building to meet in, so after four busy years, the first church building was built on North Ann Street, the land being given by Ralph Fowler.  Two years later the men moved the building to a lot on the northwest corner of East Grand River and Maple Street.
In September of 1890, there was a ground breaking ceremony for the present church building.  At this gathering, Pastor C.C. Willet read from Psalm 127:1, “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it…”  Other passages were read, a hymn was sung, a prayer for God’s blessing on the work, and then the Pastor dug a spade of turf and declared the work of excavation commenced for a church, “to the glory of God and in memory of William Carey, originator of the Baptist Missionary Society.”
Courtesy of Michael Grimm
From the first pastor to its current pastor, the leaders of the First Baptist Church of Fowlerville have sought diligently to further the goals of the founding members of this church. They have sought to promote the true worship of God, to foster Christian fellowship, to share the gospel in their community and around the world, and to educate the next generation so that they too will set their hope in God.