Mission Brazil

Dan Carr, his son Duane went to Brazil February 9th – 21st. They went into the Yanomami Village to help David with wiring and plumbing on the Hartman’s new home. They were able to get a lot accomplished.
Todd and Caleb Johnson went to Brazil to help build a house for the Hartman family in the Yanomami Village. They got a lot accomplished along with Daniel and Josh Williams.




David & Anna Hartman are our own special

Faith Promise Missionaries.





Mission Trinidad

Over the past few years, God has granted the members of FBC the privilege to use their gifts and abilities serving in the Caribbean country of Trinidad.  We praise God for the open doors that God has given each of the three ministry teams and that God’s name has been exalted through them! 

FBC Survey/VBS Team July, 2015

FBC Construction Team, February 2016

FBC VBS/Medical Clinic Team, August 2016